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Strength & Durability

Lumen Rooflights

By manufacturing our products in Great Britain, we have the ability to monitor our quality processes very closely to ensure that every Lumen roof light meets not only our own exacting standards but also that of ISO 9001. In addition we are able to introduce new ideas quickly and manufacture bespoke roof windows in as little as 6 weeks. We strongly believe that manufacturing in Great Britain not only keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum but is also the best way to provide our customers with the products they deserve. You can be sure that we will not compromise quality by cutting corners to reduce costs.

Manufactured in Zintec, British Steels electro zinc coated steel sheet, which offers a number of advantages over ordinary uncoated mild steel. It offers excellent corrosion resistance protecting the steel in transit, in storage, during the production process, and in the finished product. A significant advantage of using this particular type of steel is that we remove one of the finishing processes. By using steel with the protective coating already applied we can reduce the amount of heat that is passed through the product during the manufacturing process. Heat is one of the main causes of twist in the metal and by reducing the heat we can reduce the twist in the finished rooflight.

All of our skylights are supplied with a high specification of glazing as standard. The units are manufactured for us by Pilkington who are widely regarded as the worlds leading producers of glass and glazing technology. For our rooflight units we specify a 4mm toughened safety outer leaf with Pilkington Activ Neutral self clean, a 16mm argon gas filled cavity and a 4mm inner leaf of Pilkington Optitherm S4 toughened.

Pilkington Activ Neutral is the attractive neutral coloured glass that combines dual action, self cleaning properties with solar control performance. Neutral is a revolutionary glass that is perfect for use in both the roof and verticals. Pilkington Activ Neutral Self-Cleaning Glass uses the forces of nature to maintain its clear appearance without leaving unsightly streaks. In a dual-action process organic dirt is broken down by daylight and is then washed away by rain, thus making it environmentally friendly and very easy to maintain.

There are significant advantages of using Pilkington Activ Neutral glass compared to other spray on coatings. Activ Neutral will not scratch off and therefore you do not need to worry about re-applying in the same way that a rain racer coating would.

Pilkington Optitherm S4 is an ultra low emissivity, high thermal insulating off-line coated glass. The effect of the low emissivity coating is to reflect heat energy back into the building. The transparent coating also transmits heat from the sun and provides high light transmission to create a naturally lit, comfortable working environment. As part of our customer for life scheme, our units are supplied with a lifetime warranty. (please see our guarantee for details)

From an end user perspective, one of the most important parts of the rooflight is the interior. As something you walk past or look through each day, it is essential that interior of the roof light represents the overall quality of the product. That is why Lumen rooflights are supplied with a fitted solid American oak interior liner that not only provides a traditional quality appearance but also helps reduce the occurrence of condensation. To compliment the interior, our roof windows are supplied with a solid brass winding crank as standard. Not only are these winders beautifully crafted our version is designed with a 20mm diameter spindle thickness. The increased diameter of the brass spindle not only looks good, but also ensures that the winding mechanism opens and closes effectively with the minimum amount of flex and bounce. The quality of the winding mechanism is essential to the functionality of an opening fan light. Cutting corners here will quite likely lead to problems later in the life of the rooflight.
Cast Iron Rainwater Goods

Cast iron pipes, gutters and their fittings have highly distinctive appearance due to the texture of the material, its thickness and the quality of the cast components.

Cast iron is a strong material which, if correctly designed and maintained, can be one of the most durable elements of the buidling fabric.

Cast iron gutters and pipes are able to withstand the rigours of on site handling, mechanical de-blocking and vandalism.
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