Short Radius Bend 100mm

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Short Radius Bend 100mm
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The Traditional Express cast iron soil product is an industry leading push fit soil system designed for a lifetime performance. The contemporary cast iron system provides the aesthetic appearance of traditional cast iron soil systems and is suitable for Listed properties and conservation projects.

The push fit system provides substantial savings in labour for each joint and no specialist training is required for installation.

100mm diameter socketless pipes are available in 1.8m & 3m lengths and are supplied pre-painted in a black gloss finish. Compared to the traditional LCC soil system, our Traditional Express soil system is lighter and therefore slightly easier to handle and install. However, Traditional Express retains all the inherent qualities of cast iron including strength and longevity as well as the environmental benefits that cast iron offers over other modern materials.

Provided that your Traditional Express cast iron soil system is correctly installed and maintained you should receive a lifespan of more than 100 years. It is this long life that makes cast iron a long term, cost effective choice and it is 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

In addition to the other benefits offered by our Traditional Express soil system, it provides low noise levels due to the sound deadening properties of cast iron.

Applicable standards and codes of practice
BS 416 part 2 – Soil, waste and ventilating pipes and fitting
BS EN 681 – 1 Synthetic rubber gaskets
BS EN 12056 – Codes of practice for gravity drainage systems, internal buildings
A cast iron push-fit soil system replicating the appearance of a traditional caulked lead jointed system.

Fitting Instructions

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